Who is UKLEJU?

UKLEJU(英伦乐居)means 'Happy Homes in the UK' in Chinese.

We're an online platform which providing most up to date property insight and latest development news to our Chinese speaking audience.

While acting as a professional property platform, we also providing various activities in China and the UK to be more engaged with our Chinese speaking audience.

What's our mission?

Property + Lifestyle

Now the team starting a brand new platform – UKLEJU, to provide not just professional property knowledge but also aim to enrich our Chinese speaking customer's day to day life in the UK. We aim to engage with Chinese speaking customer more, from their first need when they arrived in the UK till settle down in the country. From their children education, immigration to investment and lifestyle, we establish a close and trustworthy relationship with them. This is how we make us unique and unreplaceable.

Our team

With members who has over 20 years property experience and also a professional team with past experience operating for Sina Overseas Properties UK, who proudly enjoying top 5 online traffic ranking in China. With years of experience working with UK developers/agency, hosting various property exhibition in China. We have the most amazing combination to make this portal stay young and professional for our valuable customers.

about us
about us
about us